The next time you're in, make sure you take a minute to donate to our "Cause of the Month" jar. One World Cafe matches the entire amount of funds that our customers donate each month. So drop some change or a few bills in the jar. The money always goes to a good cause, and it's a great way to give back to our community.


This month's Cause of the Month:


Rick is doing the Rocky Mountain walk this summer, so we're putting a big push behind this great charity to help him meet his fundraising goals. Since 2003, Avon Walk has raised and donated over $740 million to breast cancer programs. Support for the underserved is a key priority, including low income, elderly and minority individuals, and those who are under-insured. And the really cool part is this: an average of 80% of net funds raised by an Avon Walk stays in the area where the Walk takes place. That fits pretty well with our act local belief system here at One World Cafe.

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